Patrick Fromaget

Blogger, developer and system administrator


I’m the lead author and owner of
My goal with this website is to help beginners with their Raspberry Pi problems using detailed guides and tutorials on different topics (hardware, software, projects ideas)
My skills can help them to improve their knowledge on Linux and other relative topics

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MD5Online is the biggest MD5 hashes database in the world
Example: MD5(Patrick) = 6c84cbd30cf9350a990bad2bcc1bec5f
MD5 is a cryptographic hash function, often used to encrypt a password in a database
I created this website in 2002 as a challenge for myself, and it's now used by over 5,000 visitors every day

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I was a big Minecraft player a few years ago, and TopCraft is the Minecraft server I created in 2014 to mix my passions: Minecraft and system administrator
It's now one of the most known servers in France, with a subserver for each game mode: Survival, Skyblock and Creative

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I created this website in 2019 as a side project
My goal here is to provide quick answers to questions I didn't find easily on the Internet
My tiny contribution to make the Internet even more helpful if you want 🙂
Topics are varied, but the format is always the same: "What's the difference between X and Y?"

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Minecraft Facile
Did I already tell you that I'm a fan of the Minecraft game? 🙂
This website was my second side-project in 2019
The idea here is to help beginners on Minecraft to find the answers they need to improve their skills!

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